Who doesn’t like to watch countless of their favourite videos online on YouTube? YouTube is probably the most popular video sharing site on the Internet and contains millions of videos about hordes of different genres. Although there are many videos on YouTube related to entertainment, you can also watch tutorials, unpacking products, and many instructional videos. However, if you want to save these videos for later use, you will need a good YouTube video upload program. Today, many free YouTube downloaders linger online – some are real, some come with a lot of adware. So how do you know which one suits you best? Of course you can check out our list of the best free YouTube downloaders!

What is a YouTube uploader?

YouTube Uploader is an application for digitally transferring video and audio files from a YouTube website to a decoding and playback device, such as a video player. B. a computer or a tablet. YouTube does not have a built-in video upload feature, but there are online services and applications that offer this feature.

YouTube Downloaders For Windows PC and Mac in 2020

How to choose the best free YouTube download for Windows 7 and up or Mac?

There are many factors to consider before choosing the right YouTube uploader, such as the ability to convert video to MP3 or other higher bitrate audio formats. You can also convert videos from YouTube to various extensions compatible with your device. You may also prefer YouTube HD videos in 4K resolution. Don’t forget that there are many cases in which you are forced to leave the network, for example when you are travelling. Luckily with the right software you can download as many videos as you want and watch them offline!

Best free download from YouTube for Windows and Mac in 2020

1. WinX YouTube Download

YouTube Downloaders For Windows PC and Mac in 2020

The WinX YouTube uploader is at the top of our list. Not only does it allow you to upload videos from YouTube, it also works seamlessly with over 600 websites, including SoundCloud, Facebook, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Instagram and more.
The new WinX YouTube uploader features multi-threaded and multicast technology that enables batch upload of playlists. The new version of WinX has a brand new interface that allows users to easily capture live YouTube videos.
Whether you’re trying to download a live stream, 4K movies, music or any other video. You can record them for free in different video formats such as MP4, MP3, FLV or WebM in the resolution of your choice.
Log in to your account and start downloading and watching all your favorite videos offline. Download the latest version of WinX YouTube Downloader, it’s 100% free, clean and safe.

2. Free Youtube Downloader

YouTube Downloaders For Windows PC and Mac in 2020

This compact application is known for its ability to upload videos from YouTube quickly and without crashing. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the presentation and the lack of some advanced features: The free YouTube Downloader allows you to download YouTube content in a variety of audio and video formats, including MP3, MP4, AVI and AAC. In fact, the unlimited interface design and limited options are a godsend to make downloading videos easy and straightforward for everyone.

Not to mention the free YouTube downloader, which also includes a troubleshooter to keep users interested with detailed information, pictures and a well-informed discussion forum where you can ask questions. In addition, this excellent charger retains the original video quality and enables fast downloads.

3. 4K Video charger

YouTube Downloaders For Windows PC and Mac in 2020

Perhaps one of the best free YouTube downloaders for people looking for 4K videos. This great application doesn’t make sense if you want to be fast without the excesses of the included YouTube downloads. The 4K Video Downloader is completely advertising free, very adaptable, very simple and has no unwanted extras.

Simply select a video or even a full playlist (up to 24 videos), copy the URL into your web browser, then right click and paste the URL into the 4K Video Downloader toolbar. Finally, you can choose a suitable format, location or output quality. You can choose between video and audio formats, e.g. MP4 and MP3. You’ll also be happy to know that you can even download 360 degree VR videos, 3D videos and signatures for individual videos!

Wait, there’s more craziness here – a quick look at the features shows the ability to optimize multi-threaded loads by increasing the number of wires. However, we warn you that this may speed up the download, but it also increases the risk of YouTube blocking your IP address!

4. Pipe trap

YouTube Downloaders For Windows PC and Mac in 2020

Although the YouTube Invader has excellent references for uploading to YouTube, it can actually store videos from most major tube and video hosting sites on the Internet. And, yes, it automatically converts downloaded videos into a number of popular formats, all of which can be modified before they are downloaded.

And if you want to download a ton of videos at once to maximize your bandwidth, aTube Catcher is your tool. This feature stands out from others in our list of the best free YouTube downloaders for Windows 7 and Mac.

This free YouTube downloader offers many additional features, such as disk recording, video merging and the ability to record any video on screen. Although it is a reliable YouTube downloader, aTube Catcher has some drawbacks, such as malicious adware appearing during installation. Professional advice : Click Cancel if you are prompted to submit the first request and then click Shortcut for the second request.

5. Free video downloader

YouTube Downloaders For Windows PC and Mac in 2020

Another popular software that made the split, Freemake Video Converter Sperm Feeder, was used for a while. Not only does it remove videos from YouTube, but it is also useful for sites like Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Hulu, not to mention thousands of similar sites! Thanks to the special one-click mode, users can download videos with a single click, saving precious time!

The Freemake Video Downloader contrasts sharply with other video downloaders that require many input parameters, such as selection of video/audio quality, extraction or conversion action, selection of the target folder, etc. But the real novelty that Freemake adds to our list of the best free YouTube downloaders is the very simple and lightweight interface supported by high download speeds.

With the impressive set of tools, you can convert videos to different formats such as WMV, MP4, AVI, DVD, MP3 and 3GP while maintaining the original video/audio quality. Wait, you can also create a slideshow with music and upload the completed slideshows directly to YouTube.

6. YouTube Music Downloader

YouTube Downloaders For Windows PC and Mac in 2020

True to its name, the YouTube Music Downloader does what it does best – it lets you seamlessly record a YouTube soundtrack or video music. You can also download and record videos. In fact, with the YouTube music downloader you can share content with your friends, schedule files for later playback and much more!

How fast can I download music videos? Click on the drop-down menu, choose the sound quality and the viola you prefer! If you only want to download videos that have nothing to do with music, the process is very simple. Paste the URL of the video, click on the drop-down menu and save it in the target folder.

The YouTube music downloader comes with a convenient and clear interface. You can even use the saturation and hue sliders to change the hue of the user interface.

7. Video charger YTD

YouTube Downloaders For Windows PC and Mac in 2020

YTD Video Downloader is perhaps one of the most popular devices in our list of the best free YouTube downloaders. It’s a decent game if you want to save YouTube videos in different formats on your hard drive. The uploaded videos can be viewed on various devices in certain Viz formats. Aspect ratio – from PSP, iPad, iPod, XVid, Windows Media, etc. YTD is also very fast when it comes to downloading and converting videos to your PC or Mac Windows.

What’s more, thanks to the smooth and intuitive interface, you can even stop/resume downloading videos at any time. However, the average lifespan tends to vary slightly when downloading longer videos with larger file sizes. But that’s understandable, because you get a FREE higher download speed!

8. ClipGrab (Mac and Windows)

YouTube Downloaders For Windows PC and Mac in 2020

ClipGrab differs from the other YouTube downloaders mentioned above in that it not only offers the ability to insert URLs for downloading, but it also provides an elegant monitor from the clipboard. This function automatically detects the URL as soon as you copy it from the browser’s address bar and automatically places the URL in the ClipGrab interface. Cool, huh? Moreover, instead of a web browser, the ClipGrab interface has a YouTube search tool that allows you to search the ClipGrab interface for the video you want to upload.

You can also convert the downloaded video to different output formats with the quality you prefer. However, the ClipGrab installer tries to impose unnecessary adware on you. For example, you may need to avoid the Yahoo adware and install ByteFence for a painless installation.

9. AnyVideo Converter

YouTube Downloaders For Windows PC and Mac in 2020

As its name suggests, AnyVideoConverter is a YouTube uploader, which can copy videos in any format to your hard drive. The real news factor that sneaks into our list of best free YouTube uploaders is that it consists of a simple built-in video editor that can crop videos, refine colors, add effects, add text overlays, etc.

With a simple and elegant interface and a wide range of video output formats, everyone will love this free video converter. However, there is one constraint that hinders its benefits. This means that AnyVideoConverter cannot download multiple videos at the same time. It’s limited to one video at a time.

10. ISkysoft Free Video Downloader (Mac and Windows)

YouTube Downloaders For Windows PC and Mac in 2020

The free video downloader iSkysoft is available for Windows and Mac and makes it possible to upload not only audio and video files to YouTube, but also to more than 1.000 websites! iSkysoft offers many functions, of which the best known is the possibility to upload multiple YouTube playlists individually or in batches. You can also download videos and extract audio files in their original format or convert them to more than 153 formats!

11. Free download on YouTube (Windows and Mac)

YouTube Downloaders For Windows PC and Mac in 2020 And our list of the best free downloads on YouTube for PC and Mac is completed with Download Free YouTube. No prizes for guessing what he’s doing. Thanks to its simple yet elegant interface, the free YouTube download avoids distractions and hinders work. Just insert the YouTube URL, upload the video in a few clicks and you’re done – no frills, no unnecessary frills. You can even enable the auto-load option if you prefer zero clicks.

You can also download many videos at the same time and convert them to different formats such as MP4, AVI, MP3, MKV, iPhone/iPad while maintaining the original quality on the go. However, there is one big drawback: you can only use the free YouTube download for videos of less than three minutes. That’s too bad, because it excludes most video clips from your radar.

И… that’s the end! Did you like our list of the best free Youtube downloaders? Did we miss any notes? Let us know in the comments.

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