Without the benefits of the YouTube Premium offer and the fact that Google stops Google Play Music, many users would probably avoid YouTube Music as the plague. It’s not that Google’s music streaming service is bad in itself, it’s just not good enough for Google Play Music to be successful (excellent music box and easy to use) or to compete with Spotify (best recommendations, user interface.

Many premium users have reported numerous problems, most of them related to development errors, and they felt like beta testers for a service that will soon be the only option. There is a whole Reddit thread (thanks to the u/Bloody Mess and the sub-user community) that covers all the important topics. You can watch it here. I hope Google will check them, too.

At the same time, we listed the main problems and suggested some solutions where possible. Check it down there.

Table of Contents :

  1. You cannot upload music to YouTube Music.
  2. Downloaded tracks do not play
  3. The motion is wrong.
  4. Google Caste does not work
  5. Missing music after GPM transmission
  6. The volume between the tracks is different
  7. It is impossible to play downloaded songs on smart speakers.
  8. Favorite YouTube video music shows

1. Not suitable for downloading music from YouTube Music

One of the biggest advantages of Google Play Music, which will soon be discontinued, was the music box with an amazing limit of 50,000 songs. Many music lovers were happy to buy music or digitize their music collection and make it available on different devices.

Unfortunately, Google has decided to get rid of the classic application and replace it with YouTube Music, which focuses on streaming music. Now Google has provided a secure migration with the Transfer Music option, which allows users to transfer their GPM libraries to YouTube Music.

And it was a painful experience to give to so many users, forcing former users (including many early turntables) to hate the successor from the start. Today YouTube Music allows downloading 100,000 tracks, but the quality of the stream is limited to 256 kbps AAC (equivalent to 320 kbps MP3). With a twist, as non-premium users are trapped in AAC at 128 kbps.

To make matters worse after the migration, it seems that downloading is not working properly for many users. You can only transfer music to your original account. People who want to avoid the transfer of Like from YouTube (great pain) will not be able to do so. Advantages of an unsuccessful separation of the two platforms.

Some can’t download music at all, others have difficulty accessing downloaded tracks offline. Some reports indicate that the titles originally purchased are being replaced by poor copies. In addition, users cannot change the metadata, which causes other problems.

Google needs to take notes and try to significantly improve the service before Google Play Music disappears. But this is not working at the moment, although they have made more changes in recent months than in the past two years.

We currently have a few suggestions to help you upload tracks to YouTube Music. Here’s what you can try:

2. Downloaded titles are not broadcast

Compared to Spotify, YouTube Music does rather badly when it comes to offline playback of downloaded tracks. This applies to subscriptions to value-added services.

Yes, there is a smart download option that can be useful, but there is no sequence as the tracks seem to be interchangeable, so you can get a cover of the original track or another track in general.

It’s strange when you know that the music base of YouTube Music should be more important than that of Google Play Music. Maybe, but he doesn’t have the simplicity and punctuality of his favorite GPM.

It seems that some users are unable to play the downloaded tracks. The problem is not as widespread and certainly not as fundamental as it is likely to be an individual problem. First make sure that the storage license is granted by YouTube Music.

You can also delete all downloaded tracks and retry downloading. Finally, reinstalling the application may also be useful (if the previous steps have failed).

3. Application Fault

The instability of the Google application in a Google-based operating system is absolutely unacceptable. Music on YouTube is down for some, while perma downloading is down for others, even with a stable internet connection.

If you think so, don’t forget to update or reinstall the application. This will delete all downloaded tracks, but don’t worry, the application will keep track of them so they will automatically be downloaded the next time you install and log in.

4. Google casting does not work

The inability to play downloaded tracks if you’re not a paying customer is another difference to the OG Google music service. Unfortunately, even Premium users can’t use smart speaker molds because Google Cast is unstable and doesn’t even come close to Spotify Connect remotely (no pun intended).

YouTube questions the music

First of all, make sure that your Wi-Fi network is shared by both devices and that your phone has permission to play. In addition, we can only suggest that you reboot the phone and speaker and try again.

5. Music missing after GPM transfer

A review of the transition from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. Some users are indeed struggling with the long-awaited migration of Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

YouTube questions the music

Some long-time Google Play Music users have problems with gray titles in different playlists. The licensing problem that Google faces when switching from one service to another is a particular problem that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible.

At the moment, the only way to solve this problem is to manually search and add missing traces. You probably won’t be able to find the exact version of the title, but for now you will. There is still a lot of work to do for Google.

6. Volume is different between tracks

There are reports on the playback volume, which changes constantly with each new title. Sometimes it’s too loud and sometimes it’s too weak, and the application doesn’t have enough sound standardization, which is what makes Spotify so good.

For now, all you can do is select the original songs and albums to overcome them.

7. Cannot play songs loaded on smart speakers

This is another big problem, especially considering that YouTube Music and Google are top services. They have promised updates that make this possible, but we don’t have much hope because Google Play Music will be discontinued soon and YouTube Music is still not a valid replacement. Especially when it comes to music downloaded by the user.

8. Upload favourite YouTube videos to YouTube Music

One of the biggest complaints from YouTube Music users is often mentioned, namely that YouTube Music is an extension of YouTube and not a separate application. This leads to problems such as moving covers of lower quality instead of the original tracks or transferring a similar story from YouTube.

For now, and only if you don’t switch from Google Play Music, we can offer to create a new YouTube channel and use it exclusively for music. That way, none of them will move from one department to another.

We can close the article with that. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below. If you report any more problems or defects, we will certainly add them to the list.

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